Roxanne Steele was born and raised in the entertainment capital of the world, so it’s no surprise this California girl has made a successful career in the industry. “I grew up looking at the Hollywood sign every day and wanting to be part of all the glitz and glamour. I’m so blessed that I’m living my dream.”

This radio jewel loves bringing her passion for music, people, and entertainment to the radio dial. Her girl-next-door charisma and down to earth personality makes listening to her radio show feel like you’re spending time with a good friend—and that’s exactly how she views her listeners! Whether she’s in the studio, live on location, or being social online and in person, she enjoys connecting with her listeners.

Growing up in Los Angeles, Roxanne always loved music and spent much of her time listening to the radio. “I remember coming home from school and running to turn on the radio so I could hang out with my favorite DJs and dance to all my favorite songs; I wanted to be a radio personality for as long as I can remember,” she says. “I was a big radio fan as a kid and still am today.”

Roxanne first joined the broadcasting world while she was just a senior in high school. She was given her own show on the campus radio station and quickly realized how much she loved the power of the microphone. As a natural entertainer, her indisputable talent was quickly recognized and Roxanne was encouraged by her teachers to make her dreams of being a radio personality a reality.

With a career path established at such a young age, Roxanne set a course to make a name for herself. After attending the Academy of Radio Broadcasting in Huntington Beach, CA., Roxanne landed her first radio gig in Palm Springs, CA at the young age of 19. After getting her foot in the door, she was consistently growing on-air and gaining greater exposure. She moved on to DJ for stations in Washington, Texas and Arizona before finally reaching the place that was her dream destination at the time: Chicago.

Roxanne dominated the airwaves in the Windy City for twelve years at B96 (CBS Radio). She got her shot by earning the most desired shift in radio, Afternoon Drive. By taking over afternoons at the station, Roxanne became the first female DJ to ever host Afternoon Drive at B96, an accomplishment she will always be proud of. She also brought B96 some of their highest ratings for eight solid years. Her awards and accolades while working in Chicago included the honor of being named Best Local Station Personality at the Illinois Silver Dome Awards in 2002. 

When things ended at B96, Roxanne realized the next step in her life would mean leaving Chicago and relocating her family to Michigan. Soon after moving to Detroit, she quickly found a new home on the dial  at 96.3 WDVD. Making the move to a new market is never easy, but Roxanne took on the challenge with her usual passion and enthusiasm: “I was so excited to be a part of a great radio town like Detroit. I was ready to make new friends and shake things up!”

In 2012, after almost two years of being a part-time talent with Cumulus, Roxanne finally landed a full-time job in Detroit she was patiently hoping for! Roxanne made the transition to 98.7 AMP Radio (CBS Radio) as their new mid-day host; a position she approached with her usual enthusiasm and excitement. Roxanne spent three amazing years of sharing her passion for Top 40 radio with Detroit listeners before she took her love of entertaining down the hall at CBS Detroit working for the legendary country station, 99.5 WYCD as their new midday host.

“I’m so thankful to Debbie Kenyon and Tim Roberts for taking a chance on me and bringing me on board at WYCD.  My new radio journey in country was honestly the best 3 years of my life!!  I had an absolute  blast and now I’m addicted to country!!  I learned so much from the talented staff  including the late Linda Lee who in the beginning was a huge asset to my on air approach in country.  I will treasure my time at WYCD and I look forward to my next radio adventure!”

Roxanne views the longevity and brilliance of her career with genuine gratitude. “Every DJ dreams of making it to the top. They want the celebrity interviews, the red carpet parties, their name and face on billboards, radio awards and recognition while delivering the ratings to back it all up.(no easy task) I’m forever thankful for my amazing career opportunities and accomplishments I had in Chicago, but I’m extremely excited for my broadcasting career that’s still unfolding in Detroit.”

By proving herself to be a multitalented star in the DJ booth and as a voice over artist, Roxanne continues to grow and excel in a very competitive field. A truly connected media maven, Roxanne is also plugged in with her listeners via social media, the new way to engage your audience. In 2013, while working at Amp Radio, Roxanne became a TV Host for Street Beat on the CW50 and is looking to do more television work in Detroit.

As a woman who is many things to many people, Roxanne never strays from sharing her loyalty and free sprit with others. She makes time for herself by shopping, writing, working out and cooking. She also loves spending time with her husband and two young daughters. Always the social butterfly, she hangs out with friends whenever she can and all the while, this dynamic radio host keeps sight of the important role she plays through her voice on the radio.

“Music and entertaining others is a part of who I am deep inside. I absolutely love what I do!”