WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 20:  U.S. President Donald Trump salutes as he watches the Inaugural Parade from the main reviewing stand in front of the White House on January 20, 2017 in Washington, DC. Donald J. Trump was sworn in today as the 45th president of the United States.  (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Luke Bryan Superbowl Bound, Justin Moore Gets #DDP & More in My Weekend Wrap-Up!

It was a heated weekend on social media with President Trump being sworn in as the 45th President.

I was happy to see Hillary Clinton tweet this out and hopefully the Democrats who did not show up on Friday will learn by her example. No matter what side your on, we are all Americans and we must learn to move forward together.

My girl Maren Morris had an uncomfortable moment on stage.

Protesters showed up in record numbers for the Women’s March all across our country on Saturday. The Brothers Osborne made me laugh with this one!


Our new outspoken President Trump has some thoughts on the Women’s March.

LOCASH made it known this weekend that they’re on Snapchat! Let the silliness begin!

While performing in Atlanta this weekend Justin Moore got DDP! This had to hurt!

Just as I sat down to watch the NFL playoffs on Sunday, this BIG news from Luke Bryan hit the internet!

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My WYCD Ten Man Jam Recap! [VIDEOS & PICS]

What an amazing night for country music fans at WYCDs Ten Man Jam at The Filmore! One of the best parts about my job is getting to meet and interview the artist. First up for me was Maddie & Tae!


The backstage area is not very big, but we had a couple tables set up along with a bar of course, and food for the artist to enjoy. Can we just talk about how the whiskey was pouring backstage!! These cowboys like to party!!

When Maddie and Tae walked in the room they had the biggest smiles on their faces. They walked right up to me and gave me a hug! Mind you I’ve never met them before, but they greeted me like we were old friends. They were genuine, sweet as ever, and beautiful in person. They saw the food and asked if it was ok to eat before the interview. Who does that? Sweet country girls do.

After we wrapped up the Maddie and Tae interview lots of people started pouring in. I wasn’t entirely sure who was who because a lot of these guys kind of look alike. I did easily recognize William Michael Morgan. You can’t miss a good looking tall cowboy with that long hair. Everyone around was just hanging out and talking. What a charming young man. When it came time for his interview we were ready to keep talking, but this time we had the camera rolling. Watch me melt as William Michael Morgan sings to me!

And later on stage William Michael Morgan blew me a kiss. What a cutie!

Next up I was ready to interview Ryan Kinder! I took my position by the camera and Ryan Kinder walks up. This is a guy I’ve been talking to for over an hour! I had no idea he was was Ryan Kinder. He looked a little different in his pictures so in my head I was looking for someone else. I suppose I could of asked him his name. I’m a chatty girl so I’ll talk to anybody, and it wasn’t like he was saying he was Ryan Kinder so basically that moment was kind of funny. I apologized to him for not knowing he was Ryan Kinder!! He laughed and said it was all good. He was a total jokester, and his energy was so upbeat! How cute are we in our matching red flannels!
At this point backstage is getting busy! Cocktails are flowing and country boys are clowning around. Meet and greets are also going on for some lucky listeners when I spot Scotty McCreery! I scream, “I love you this big Scotty,” and he smiles super big at me!! I grab a picture and tell him how I fell in love with him on American Idol blah blah. Everything he’s heard a million times I’m sure! I was a total fangirl when it came to Scotty!
Later on stage Scotty rocked it!

@scottymccreery was unbelievable last night at @995wycd #TenManJam Definitely a fan favorite!

A video posted by Roxanne (@djroxannesteele) on

I was running around trying to find people, help with other interviews and meet and greets when I see Drake White! Linda Lee introduced us. Another charming cowboy! I seriously can’t get over how nice everyone is. I come from the top 40 world which is completely different. This probably was one of the best moments of the night for me. Drake White and I took a picture and then I showed it to him on my phone. My shirt was just loose and hanging. He said to me, “Roxanne we need to tie this shirt up. Country girls tie it up.” I was like go ahead and tie it up baby! And he did and I agree, it made me look so much better!! Thank you Drake!


The show finally started and the first set of performers hit the stage! Maddie and Tae, William Michael Morgan, Drake White, Dallas Smith and Scotty McCreery! Everyone sounded incredible jamming together. I was still backstage and trying to get out to have some fun! Finally I make my way out and meet my friends at the bar when I run into a listener who was wearing the same shirt as me. She has good taste!

The crowd was so into it! As a radio dj it’s cool to take a look around and see and meet your audience. I loved seeing all the smiles, drinks in hand, and watching everybody having a good ol time! I knew the Clint Black meet and greet was about to happen so I ran back stage to meet the legend!! There he was standing all by himself just waiting. I introduce myself as Roxanne from WYCD and he says to me, “Roxanne I see you tweeting me all the time.” That caught me by surprise! I thanked him for being a part of our Ten Man Jam. He shared stories from back in the day and how he use to do 180 shows a year and how he’s happy to still be around. Total gentleman. I feel extremely lucky that I had the chance to meet him. All throughout the night I ran into Clint Black and he would smile at me and chat a little more. He was an absolute delight to be around! Honestly every artist was that way. Such a laid back vibe and great energy all around!

After Clint, I met and chatted with the gorgeous Ashley Campbell. She was telling me that after college she toured with her dad for awhile. That’s when it hit me that Glen Campbell was her dad! It was a pleasure to meet her too! Her voice is something special!

Finally I find Granger Smith!! I actually ran into him on the staircase backstage at The Filmore and congratulate him on his #1 song ‘Backroad Song’ his smile said it all!

<img class=”size-medium wp-image-237471″ src=”https://cbswycd2.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/img_3658.jpg?w=300″ alt=”Roxanne Steele” width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Roxanne Steele

After his performance I see Dallas Smith just chillin’ backstage so I walked up and introduced myself. Super nice guy with a fantastic voice! I really enjoyed his performance on stage earlier.

Showtime! Part 2 was ready to begin with Clint Black, Ashley Campbell, Justin Moore, Ryan Kinder and Granger Smith! WOW! This was a jam session!!! So cool to see so many big stars together on stage with their guitar playing along with one another. Pure country chemistry!

I never had a chance to formally meet Justin Moore or get a picture. I saw him backstage a bunch Granger Smith had his solo moment on stage to shine with ‘Backroad Song’ the place exploded! The crowd sang along to every single word and we all danced along knowing we were apart of a special moment for Granger. Even afterwards Justin Moore congratulated Granger on stage and told the crowd that getting a #1 song in country radio is a BIG deal!! Indeed it is.

Another special moment came at the end of the show when Clint Black congratulated my boss Tim Roberts for not only being inducted into the Country Music Radio Hall of Fame, but WYCD was just named the ACM Counrty Radio Station of the Year!! There was champagne poured and two cakes brought out to celebrate. I’m still in awe of the entire night. It was perfect! Thank you Detroit for being amazing radio fans and friends of WYCD! We love you!