CBS Radio was nominated as Crains Coolest Places To Work In Michigan!

Crain’s Detroit released its annual list of the coolest places to work in metro Detroit and CBS Detroit Radio was among those featured in the large workplaces category.  I really think that I work in the ‘coolest’ place ever, and it was so nice to be recognized like this!

Click here to check out Charlie Langton’s report as he talks to some of the employees at CBS radio to see why we were voted!




My Top Ten Songs of 2014!

Another year has come and gone and what a fantastic year it has been for music!

My top ten songs don’t reflect any chart numbers or sales, just my personal favorites that I loved this year! Take a look and see if your favorite made my list!

This year I got turned on to country music when our friends at WYCD moved into the building. This is a sweet little number from Thomas Rhett called “Make Me Wanna” and it comes in at No. 10 on my list!


John Legend had an incredible year with his song “All of Me,” but honestly, his song “You and I” moved me even more! Beautifully written and passionately performed, every time I hear this song I stop what I’m doing and just listen to his amazing voice!
His wife Chrissy Teigen is one lucky girl!

This song came out at the end of 2013, but it peaked in 2014! Jhene Aiko wrote the ultimate chick song for every girl who has found herself in this situation. This is some deep stuff…  “The Worst” is definitely one of my favorites from 2014!
You weren’t special until I made you so…that’s the line right there!

One of my highlights for 2014 was when Big Sean came to visit Amp Radio! OMG I died.


He was so charming, down-to-earth and just so cool! I literally sang “Beware” and “IDFWU” to him.  I’m sure he thought to himself, “This white chick is crazy!”

Yes – crazy for you Big Sean! This song was an instant classic for me!

Ed Sheeran has had a break out year too!  I love his song “Don’t,” but “Sing” is my jam! Having Ed at AMP Live was the best! He was and is always perfection!

When Ariana Grande debuted her new song “Problem” at the Radio Disney Awards, I was so happy for her! I knew it was going to be a massive hit, which set the tone for her best year ever!

I think we all know I’m obsessed with Adam Levine and the song “Animals”! Maroon 5 is an incredible band that never disappoints!

When I got to play the world premiere of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous,” I had no idea what to expect. I was impressed with how cool the song was! “Jealous” is a feel-good jam that sets Nick apart from his days with the Jonas Brothers!

EDM continued to reach radio success this year and Calvin Harris owned it with “Summer” and “Blame”! Having him perform at our Boo Bash was AMAZING! I still get goose bumps just thinking about it!

Meeting Calvin melted me!

My #1 song of 2014 is a song that’s been out for a while and Amp Radio was the first station in Detroit to play it!
Every time it comes on the radio I’m blasting it!  This song is my s**t! Disclosure feat. Sam Smith “Latch”!  I know you love this one, too!

Happy New Year everybody and thank you for making me a part of your life everyday on 98.7 Amp Radio from 10a-3p!

2007 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Throwback Thursday With Britney Spears!

Now that this year’s VMAs is officially a wrap, do you remember the VMAs from 2007 with the big opening performance was Britney Spears?! It was so hyped up!

That was supposed to be her big “comeback” and it was a big disaster! As a Britney fan it was hard to watch… The New York Times had this to say after her not so good performance.

“She didn’t disappoint; she was awful. Visibly nervous, she tottered around the stage, dancing tentatively and doing nothing that sounded or looked like real live singing.”

So I’m not putting Britney in the spotlight to bash her and that performance of “Gimmie More” but putting her in the spotlight to celebrate that she bounced back from that!

After the disastrous performance, Ms. Spears had her true comeback with her album Circus in 2008! It was a massive record with tons of hits with a HUGE tour to follow that I LOVED! When people ask me what’s favorite concert I’ve seen, Circus is in my Top 5!

As a big Britney Spears fan I could put her in the spotlight every week for Throwback Thursday! Nothing compares to this pop star! After her VMA performance of “Gimmie More,” Blackout still went on to be successful album! Us Britney fans are very forgiving, and we know she had a lot of “personal” struggles going on after her divorce from Kevin Federline.

And I have to throw this one in!!

And here’s her 2007 VMA performance that’s a little painful to watch…

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWGEwmaE55U&w=420&h=315]