COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - MAY: Anita Baker performs live on stage in Copenhagen, Denmark in May 1990 (Photo by Jan Persson/Redferns)

Detroit Legend Anita Baker Retiring From Music

Caught up in the rapture of you….. Like so many of you, I grew up a big Anita Baker fan. That voice is magical!

As Baker’s 59th birthday approaches the R&B superstar has decided to drop the mic and walk away from the stage. A decision so many in the music industry are surprised to hear! With so many veteran singers still touring into their 70’s, it would seem that Baker still had some music in her.

A serious of tweets from the legend told that story.
I had the chance to meet Anita Baker a few years back at a Lions game of all places. We were on our way up to the suites when Anita came walking up. Everyone was like, “OMG that’s Anita Baker!” Turns out she was in the same suite as me!!! We were both guest of Ndamukong Suh. Naturally I approached her and told her what a big fan I was and how much I love her music. She was there with her son and together we watched a very exciting game!! This was when the Lions were on a hot streak! Here we are showing off our 5 game wining streak!
Anita was exactly how you would want her to be. Super sweet, genuine, kind, funny and just an absolute delight to hang with. We had a riot in the suite that day!! God bless you Anita, and thank you for the music that lives on forever. Enjoy your retirement girl, you deserve it!

Nowadays singers are too caught up in too much they just don’t stand there and sing…. Pay attention young ones to how it’s done!

She has a voice of an angel!

So many incredible songs!

This was my favorite song when I was a little shorty!


Fifth Harmony Heats Things Up On ‘The Late Late Show’ [VIDEO]

Good lord these ladies are channeling their inner Beyonce in this HOT performance on The Late Late Show! Fifth Harmony dazzled the crowd for their first televised performance of “I’m In Love With A Monster”, from the “Hotel Transylvania 2” soundtrack. The film opens up worldwide tomorrow, September 25 and I’m sure will be a huge hit!

5H hit the stage in matching red trench coats that were later ripped off and 5 very sexy get-ups were revealed! Can you say caliente! Skin-tight crop tops, hot pants, and knee-high boots! I’m thinking steal that look for Halloween ladies!

If any audience member or viewer didn’t know what Fifth Harmony was all about they do now! These girls owned it! Must see performance!


My Whirlwind Trip To Chicago! The City I Love! [Pictures & Audio]

When I found out I was going back to Chicago for a few days I freaked out!! I left in the summer of 2010 and have only been back once for a friends bar mitzvah, and that was a super quick trip.  I’ve been dying to come back to the city I love ever since! I spent 14 AMAZING years in Chicago as a radio personality. I fell in love with Chicago and a boy, got married, had kids and made friends with some of the greatest people.  I have the most dedicated listeners from Chicago that continue to support me even now from a distance.  I’m a very lucky girl!

We left at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning to drive in from Detroit. I barely slept the night before knowing I was going back to Chicago!! We arrived around noon and checked in to the beautiful Sofitel hotel.  My first stop was Tempo Cafe an old favorite of mine.  With the help of social media the word got out quick that I was in town and plans to meet up with friends was in full swing!


My husband, Donny, who still has business ties in Chicago had a meeting at Diktas.  He called me and said they were wrapping up and I should come down and say hi to Da Coach! So you know I did.  Mike Dikta is a legend, and not only did he take the time to chat with me but lots of guest at his restaurant.  It’s always an honor to see him!


Did I mention that it was the HOTTEST day in Chicago! We spent the rest of the day walking around the city checking out all the changes. So many new buildings and businesses.   We stopped by our old condo at Grand and Wells and then to Portillo’s for lunch! Oh how I missed Portillo’s french fries and chocolate cake shake!  My good friend and former co-worker from B96, Eddie Volkman, reached out to me and asked if I would join him on his “Eddie V’s Road Show” on Wed. live from Navy Pier. I mentioned to Eddie that I was having lunch that afternoon with our mutual friend Candi and Eddie said bring her along too!  Soon it became a little Killer Bee reunion!  We had so much fun in that hour!  I could of sat there all day chatting with my B96 friends!  Take a listen to  “Eddie V’s Road Show” by clicking HERE!


On Thursday morning I stopped by the Prudential Building to visit my B96 friends.  I got a big hug from my former Program Director, Todd Cavanah, who was surprised to see me!  I like to show up with no warning, its how I roll!  I stayed for over 2 hours chatting with all that I could.  As I was leaving Richie Rich came running out to see me yelling, “Rox!”  Rich is the jack of all trades at the station and we spent ALOT of time together during my 12 years at B96!



When I left the Prudential Building I was just gonna grab a taxi,  it was another HOT day in Chicago but instead I just started walking…  just like I use to do when I lived here.  I was looking around at this beautiful city taking it all in and pondering so much.  My Chicago memories and the friends I made here are irreplaceable.   I could go on and on so I will wrap this up by saying THANK YOU Chicago for being the city that embraced me, made me, and still welcomes me.


Roxanne’s Recap Of Sam Smith’s Detroit Show! (Videos)

I was overly excited when last minute I got tickets to the sold out Sam Smith show at the Masonic Temple. I was bummed leading up to the show thinking I was going to miss it. Radio does have its perks and getting these tickets is one of them!

This was my first time ever seeing a show at the historic Masonic Temple. I’ve been living in Detroit now for almost 5 years but have yet to catch a show there. Wow – what a beautiful venue!

I was invited to go back stage for a M&G with Sam Smith so I got to explore that area. It was a long walk getting to where ever we were headed. Tons of stairs and twisting corners. We ended up in this really cool dressing room. The type with the lights on the mirrors. We were told that when Sam arrives feel free to chat with him and take pictures and have fun! That was refreshing.

Often at M&Gs, you stand in a long line and wait your turn for the picture and maybe get a few words in. We were all excited anticipating our moment with Sam! There was maybe 15 people there, all industry folks. When the man himself entered the room, I first noticed how tall he was and handsome! OMG talk about a baby face with melting eyes…

He made his way around and chatted with everyone and took pictures. I even caught him doing autographs. Had I known, I would of brought his album to get signed, too! Note to self: always bring an item and sharpie!

As he made his way to all of us at Amp, he shook everyone’s hand but I asked him for a hug! In his charming British accent he was like, “of course,” and opened his arms and in I went! Sam Smith is a very good hugger! Some people go through the motions of a hug. He embraced me and it felt tender and safe in his arms.

We all congratulated him on his Grammy nominations and wished him luck! He seemed really excited about that and thanked us. What a thrill to be 22 and have your debut album give you such success with six Grammy nominations!

We posed for our picture and as you can see I have the biggest smile on my face!

I told Sam how much I love all his Instagram pictures and he seemed surprised by that. Maybe it was a random thing no one has ever said to him but it’s true he has the greatest pictures. I expressed to him how it looks like he’s always having fun! He said, “thank you and you know what I am!”

It was time to make my way inside where I had GA floor tickets. Clearly I didn’t there early enough to actually get on the floor, but I already had my up close moment. We made our way to the very back where there was a few seats left, and to my surprise we had a perfect view of the stage!

It was a very mixed crowd. Not a lot of teens like I thought, definitely more adults of all backgrounds and even older folks! Sam Smith isn’t your typical “pop” artist; he’s a vocalist with a classic voice who makes really good music that all music fans can “latch” on to! His voice was perfection all night and with every song!

Of course, everyone had their phones out recording this amazing singer! Here’s a few from my friend David. Enjoy!

Here’s Sam singing a stripped down version of “Latch”!

One of the things I really loved about his show was that Sam talked a lot to the crowd. He was so personal, sharing little stories about his life and love and writing music. He joked about how people think he’s depressed, but he reassured us that he’s actually very happy!

I loved how Sam Smith kind of grooved… He doesn’t need to dance, his voice is what moves you! This was one of my favorites!

I wish I could go back and relive his show! Sam Smith was truly incredible. His voice was magical, and it’s going to be exciting to watch an artist like him grow.

Love how @samsmithworld Says Detroit with his sexy British accent!

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DETROIT you were incredible last night x

Fotka zveřejněná uživatelem Sam Smith (@samsmithworld),